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swim participants at an Oh Buoy Swim -  NATS events that happens monthly

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Welcome to the Naples Area Triathletes Club, a vibrant community offering exhilarating events and training opportunities for triathlon enthusiasts of all levels.

Emphasizing camaraderie and growth, the club hosts various weekly activities, including invigorating group running sessions and thrilling open-water swims.

Moreover, NATs events participants can look forward to monthly special events like the Oh Buoy Swims and the Splash and Dash Swim and Run events, adding excitement to their training regimen.

The club goes beyond the athletic aspect, fostering solid bonds among members through social events such as happy hours and group cycling adventures.

Ensuring top-notch guidance, the club boasts a certified Level 1 triathlon coach, Laurie Rose, who leads the training programs and assists members in reaching their peak performance.

If you’re passionate about triathlons, guests are encouraged to join the club’s training and group events, experiencing the thrill of pushing your limits alongside like-minded individuals.

Check out our list of events and descriptions here.

More about Coach Laurie Rose

August 18, 2036 - August 24, 2036

Vanderbilt Open Water Swim

Vanderbilt Open Water Swim

7:00 am - 10:00 am
Join Naples Area Triathletes at Vanderbilt beach for an open water swim. This great friendly group meets on the beach at the entrance to the [...]

August 25, 2036 - August 31, 2036

Venetian Village Group Run

Venetian Village Group Run

6:00 am - 7:00 am
Join Naples Area Triathletes for an early morning run. This is a four-mile loop, you can't get lost.  Need to run more, you can do [...]

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