Improve with TriDot Triathlon Coaching

Naples Area Triathletes is excited to announce our new partnership with TriDot Triathlon Coaching.

If you are like most of us, you know you need to work out, but you lack motivation.
Or your workouts aren’t structured, and you don’t seem to progress or get stronger or faster.

TriDot Triathlon Coaching comes to Naples Area Triathletes

Or maybe you are one of our newer athletes who doesn’t know where to start your fitness journey.
And, maybe you would like some help, but you don’t need a coach, but it would be nice to be more motivated and on a track to better your fitness.

TriDot offers all our triathlon club members a free two-week trial on its coaching platform. The trial is a great way to see if a more structured approach to your fitness is something that would benefit you as an athlete. After your two-week trial, programs start at around $29 a month.

Check out TriDot Triathlon Coaching Now

What is TriDot Triathlon Coaching

TriDot is a platform that provides Optimized Triathlon Training® for triathletes. Its patent-pending technology uses each athlete’s biometrics and training data, big data, and artificial intelligence to design and optimize training—with or without a coach.
TriDot uses big data and artificial intelligence to “optimize” your training delivering 3x more training benefits than other training options in up to 25% less training time and with significantly lower injury risk.
TriDot is a performance science division of Predictive Fitness. TriDot leverages its proprietary, patent-pending Sight™ technology based on ongoing research.

Another cool feature of TriDot Triathlon Coaching is its affiliation with RaceX.

With RaceX, you get the following:

Optimal Pacing for Your Fastest Possible Race Times
Precise Race Time (Split) Predictions
Exportable Bike Power Plan for Race Day
Race-Specific Race Rehearsals
Hydration & Nutrition Planning Tools
Bike Equipment/Setup Impact Analysis
Virtual Race Optimization

How I get started on TriDot Triathlon Training

Starting at $29 a month, you will experience the power of TriDot’s AI coaching while also receiving personalized support and feedback (please choose Laurie Rose from the dropdown coach menu). Joining our group mentorship program will give you the direction your training needs to empower you to succeed, and you will benefit from the feeling of community.

Check out the TriDot Triathlon Training Platform Now

Check out NATS group training sessions too.

If you are looking for one on one coaching, check out Coach Laurie Rose at Train.Love.Triathlon

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